About the program

  • Slack Community
  • 8- Week Training



Slack Community

Slack is a chat platform that's like a mix between facebook and texting. It works on any smartphone or computer and works best when downloaded onto a phone as an app. This provides a private members-only community that is moderated by our agents. 

We're excited to welcome everyone we can to our Slack community. Here are some general guidelines for you so that we can maintain that welcoming feeling for everyone.

  • Our Code of Conduct applies to our Slack team the same as it does our in person events.
  • Text based conversations don't have the same intricacies of verbal communication. Assume best intent from the person on the other side of the conversation and take care to word things well and be understanding.
  • Job posts are not welcome in the main chat room. We have a #jobs room for that purpose.
  • Weekends and evenings can have their lulls in activity. When you first join, hang out for a while and check back often.
  • Our community works best when you install the Slack mobile app and add our team.
  • The use of "@here" and "@channel" has been disabled for non-admin users.