Blackbird began as a way to get families help, now.

A mashup of the organic, and the technical, Blackbird was hatched on a plane.  How might we quickly and safely get people access to better brain/mental health? 

Might we be able to distill brain/mental health into an easy-to-use guidebook? One for use in clinical as well as non-clinical settings to help young adults and adolescents learn to pilot their own course. 

 Upon descending, our founder ran into Cassandra (in hat). A good #synchronicity to begin our journey


Initial architecture of services
Begin seeing clients + patients
Assemble core team + technology
Blackbird Institute - V1 Owners Manual + 29
Partners: CICS


Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.53.10 PM.png

Braindevops operational framework. Deployment of clinical satellites at CBI, Family Pathways.



BBH1 Core Crew  
Blackbird Institute - 1st Blackbird Agent training
DLTA Programs - Jiujitsu Open House, Program Planning Programs
Blackbird Clinical - Sites B1-B4, Care Navigation
Partners: CBI, Family Pathways, Stout Training, Ascend, Mentegam, Myowndoctor, Twistle


DLTΔ Wrestling Program Pittsburgh.

Seeding fun connected communities as a the pathway for brain health.

Our network of Blackbird Agents continues to expand across PA. 

 Our BrainDevOps platform evolves to empower  adolescent health partners and programs to realize    positive behavioral change for their patients.

 2017 is GSD time. 

 Is it time to make a new story for yourself, your family, or  your organization? 

 Reach out--let's do this together!


Alight: To gently set down. To lift off. To set a light from within.

Alight: To gently set down. To lift off. To set a light from within.