The Blackbird model is flexible enough to serve any instance where gaps exist in ability to serve adolescents. Listed below are some of the times we've helped partners better connect families to brain healthcare. 

Family Pathways

Bridging a gap for families via Telepsychiatry 

The Family Pathways clinic in Butler Pennsylvania was struggling to meet demand for Child/Adolescent Psychiatry hours. Through a remote telepsychiatry arrangement we better connected their team to a board certified child/adolescent psychiatrist working with their families. 


Developing the capacity for medication management

A behavioral health clinic without any medical team contracted with Blackbird for the build-up of their medication management capability as well as to assist with protocols around team communication, medication managment, and telepsychiatry services.

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Tailored Physical Training for those with Autism 

A local martial arts gym believed that there could exist a better way to ensure they were serving families with mental health issues, in particular those with autism. A community round-table was held to better plan around serving people with autism, resulting in a curriculum tailored for those on the autism spectrum.